Ballingdon Village Fete Constitution

A public meeting was held on the 25th March 2018 at The Cyclist Pub in Ballingdon.

It was agreed by all present that The Ballingdon Village Fete is established for the two following reasons:

  • To raise money for an already established local Charity.
  • To bring the community of Ballingdon together.

The Committee will meet as often as necessary in the build up to the Fete (first held in 2018), and an AGM will be held each year in March/April to select new Committee members, (and Registered Charity for that year) by voting of those present, should the Fete continue in future years.
Other items agreed at the meeting:

  • Date for second Fete is 8th September 2019.
  • The Fete will be held at Kone Vale, Ballingdon (between Ballingdon Street and Middleton Road).
  • Full financial records will be kept.
  • Financial details will be published to the group of volunteers, any donors (such as Councils), and placed online at a website under construction. (www.ballingdonactually.org.uk)

At the meeting it was agreed to form an organising committee of 6 members. Two of which would be designated Chairperson and Treasurer.

List of Officers Elected to Committee for 2018:

Position Officer
Chairperson Andrew Message
Treasurer Debo Adams
Other Committee Members Jan Luxton
Lindsay Barrs
Daren Barrs
Becky Harte
John Shannon

**Addendum as added by committee 12th April 2018**

Should it be decided at an AGM that the Fete be no longer held, all money and assets currently in possession of the Committee for the purpose of holding the fete will be donated to the last Registered Charity the fete was held in aid of.

Should an AGM not be held the last committee will distribute the money and assets one calendar year after the last fete was held.
The Chairperson is responsible for keeping an inventory of assets.